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The Alger Fund Wins Dalbar Award with Help from MAGIC®

“Our goal is to be the best money management firm in America,” David Alger

The Alger Fund has specialized in equity research, stock selection and portfolio management since 1964. The firm's financial strength, revenues and the individual talents of its staff has allowed The Alger Fund to create one of the finest investment management firms in the country.

The firm's commitment to its customers led them to Communico's MAGIC Service Culture System.

“MAGIC just makes sense,” says Jayne Stevens, Vice President, Mutual Fund Services.  “Reps come away from the program knowing that their experience is now a way of life, not just an event.”  She adds, “It gives them the opportunity to choose to handle every call thoroughly, consistently, and with their full attention.  Our focus is definitely on quality not quantity.”

Alger Fund Wins top Dalbar Mutual Fund Service Award
The Alger Fund has been recognized for excellence in service to financial professionals and shareholders for three consecutive years and has earned first place overall by Dalbar, Inc.

The Dalbar Service Awards symbolize the achievement of the highest tier of service provided to financial professionals and shareholders. These awards are presented only to those firms that exceed industry norms in key service areas.

MAGIC was instrumental in helping achieve this notable honor for the Alger Telemarketing Group. Jayne says, “MAGIC helps us identify the small things that are important to customers and teaches us to be consistently focused on these needs.” She adds, “Winning the Dalbar award proves that choosing to be MAGIC with every customer creates an exceptional experience for them.”

Concrete Measurement
“The 33 Points of MAGIC gives us the opportunity to not only measure quality. It helps create order out of volume chaos,” says Jayne. The representatives of the Alger Telemarketing Group know how they're doing on a daily basis. They receive ongoing feedback from Quality Assurance coaches and weekly face-to-face sessions focus on continuous improvement. “We set our standards high,” says Jayne. “There's always opportunity for improvement. And, the 33 Points of MAGIC gives us the strategy for showing our customers we really care about them.”          

Company-wide Impact
“The impact on our staff has been amazing.  They take pride in their accomplishments and realize what this small slice of business means to the company.”  Jayne has seen the principles creeping into other areas such as correspondence and on the Web. “There's no doubt that other customer service areas recognize the importance of consistency.” She adds, “Our area has become an example to the rest of the firm as to how to treat our customers right. As Fred Alger, our founder recently said, ‘In this worldwide industry of mutual funds, everyone has performance. What sets you apart is how you treat your clients.”
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