Cendant Mortgage

Treats Customers like Family with MAGIC®


The Cendant Mortgage mission statement begins, "We promise to treat customers like family..." To ensure the success of this initiative, Cendant Mortgage has provided MAGIC training for approximately 3,000 employees. The organization not only lives up to the high standards of its mission statement, but it has also created a contagious MAGIC® culture. As a result, the MAGIC culture is quickly spreading to Cendant Mortgage's sister companies and has contributed to an award-winning year for its Training Department.

Cendant Mortgage received the Award for Excellence from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). MAGIC's role and focus on customer relations played a factor in winning this prestigious award. MAGIC has not only been recognized as a component of Cendant Mortgage's award-winning training team, but the culture that has evolved continues to play an integral part in the way Cendant Mortgage meets its customers' needs and expectations.

Century 21, Cendant Mortgage's sister company, recognized the benefits of MAGIC and has become part of the initiative! During the Century 21 Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, three team players from Cendant Mortgage and one representative from Century 21 conducted MAGIC training for 30 of Century 21's Regional Service Managers. When describing the program, one participant stated, "Although I am a seasoned veteran of Century 21, with many years of training experience from both the platform and audience, I found the MAGIC training delivered in Orlando to be constructive, realistic and practical!"

In a dynamic, interest rate driven industry, Cendant Mortgage and Century 21 realize the value of MAGIC in their daily operations and are using it to put a personal touch on their customer relations!