Wows Customers with its New Service Culture

At Finiti, in Maryland, customer service representatives are not just interacting with their clients, they're building relationships.

Finiti, a joint venture of The First American Corporation and Citigroup, was launched in fall 2006 to provide Citi with appraisal, title, settlement and related products and services, which enable Citi to make timely and accurate lending decisions and fund more loans.  Betsy Yeaton, senior trainer at Finiti says,"MAGIC® has given us a way to create a service culture that brings customers back to do business with us over and over again."

Every employee at Finiti is completing The MAGIC of Customer Relations workshop. Betsy says, "If you say ‘MAGIC' to someone in this building, they'll know what you're talking about. It's part of who we are."

Finiti has taken a number of measures to make the MAGIC service culture a reality:

  • WOW Call of the Week: Representatives vie for the WOW Call of the Week with randomly recorded calls submitted for review. If one of those calls clearly exceeds the customer's expectations, that employee receives a visit from the president and a bouquet of balloons.
  • MAGIC Mod Squad: A group of team leaders who identify themselves as the MAGIC Mod Squad display signs on their desks that read, I'm a member of the Mod Squad; ask me how I can help. And, they do! 

    When they received a request to determine if managers lead by example, they went into action. The squad made mystery calls and reinforced the importance of modeling the MAGIC greeting. This was done in a friendly, fun, and non-threatening way to keep MAGIC fresh.

Ongoing Feedback Ensures Continual Progress

The MAGIC training at Finiti is not a one-off initiative. Every manager is required to assess and coach representatives on five calls each month. This provides a consistent method of feedback and keeps the program alive.

Thirty days after an employee completes the MAGIC workshop, a member of the training team visits with that employee to learn what more could be done to help that person in his or her job.
Furthermore, employees are asked on an ongoing formal and informal basis about what's working and what's not. More importantly, this feedback is taken seriously and acted on through calibrations in the program.

Clients Note the MAGIC Culture Shift

There's a sense of commitment rather than compliance to MAGIC at Finiti because they are employing a process that's fun, valuable, and attainable. For a center that handles upwards of 1,400 calls a day, it's vital that this service culture stays dynamic and alive.

"It's really working!" says Betsy. "Our Relationship Managers have found a more positive environment internally and externally. Clients are noticing and sharing comments like, I don't know what you're doing with your people there, but it's a pleasure to call into the office."

MAGIC truly is helping Finiti on their quest to be the turn-key partner for Citi and the first-choice vendor-management company.