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Delivers Unparalleled Service the Old-fashioned Way


Morreale Real Estate Services, Inc. (MRES) believes that meeting customer needs is not an old fashioned concept. A national provider of settlement services to the real estate and relocation industries, MRES has tailored their services to individuals or organizations for over 35 years. Expert advice, cutting edge technology, and premiere customer service are the cornerstones of the company.

Developing an Edge in a Crowded Market

When the marketplace started getting more crowded, they knew that they needed an edge. Why?  “Our competitors are good,” explained Laura J. Henneberry, executive vice president.  “We wanted a differentiator and decided that it had to be our customer service.  Not only would we be knowledgeable, we wanted to deliver that knowledge in such a manner that our clients enjoyed the experience.”

After exploring their options, the management decided to experience the MAGIC® of Customer Relations from Communico Ltd. in 2000.  The leadership team was immediately won over by its pragmatic approach to customer service.  Since that time, all employees go through MAGIC training to learn how to exceed expectations by treating customers with professionalism and respect.

Professionalism, Fun and Consistent Service Yields New Clients

MRES soon realized that many of their new clients were coming from contacts moving to another company.  Henneberry explains, “Because that contact enjoyed working with us and valued our knowledge, they convinced their new employer to give us some work.  Once we start to work with them, the company quickly realizes that we are not only experts but we are professional and fun at the same time.  This is because there is a consistency of customer service based on MAGIC.”

Unparalleled Results:  Approval Ratings Exceed Expectations

“MAGIC has been a big part of MRES' success,” noted Henneberry.  Although there are many other settlement services companies out there, MRES continues to achieve unparalleled customer service through its knowledge and focus on customer service. In 2008, an outside company conducted a survey of its clients via email.  A total of eighteen questions were asked on topics such as range of services, customer service and technology. 

The results exceeded their expectations: MRES received an overall approval rating of 96.64% from its clients.  In phone skills, the approval rating was an outstanding 93.17%. 

Additionally, one of its clients bestowed its highest honor to MRES for exemplary customer service.

Everyone in the company has a stake in delivering excellent customer service.  In fact, a portion of everyone's bonus is based on the survey results.

MAGIC Training Provides the Extra Needed to “Wow” Clients

“My company believes in MAGIC to give us that ‘something extra' to ‘wow' our clients,” states Henneberry.  To that end, all employees go through the MAGIC of Customer Relations training as well as Mastering MAGIC in Difficult Situations, which serves as a helpful refresher.  These same employees will also attend MAGIC Second Edition, as this new version provides a different perspective and more opportunities for practical application.

“We think that everyone will benefit from another round of MAGIC.  You don't rest on your laurels; you keep pushing to do better,” says Henneberry. “And by having the employees go through Second Edition, reinforcement of the MAGIC principles will occur.  This can only help our company to achieve greater customer service results.”

Henneberry continued, “I believe that you can be the most knowledgeable company in the world but if you can't deliver that knowledge with exceptional customer service, your clients will go elsewhere.”

Clearly this philosophy has paid off. Today, Morreale Real Estate Services continues to make real estate real easy for their clients.
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