Unum Life Insurance

MAGIC® Celebration at UNUM Life Insurance

The Common Curriculum/Training Department of UNUM Life held a luncheon to honor all the certified MAGIC trainers in the organization. Approximately 40 people attended this event, which was held to thank the trainers for their commitment and celebrate the difference they have made. Program administrators, who spent hours coordinating and scheduling sessions at various locations, were recognized for their efforts. And, Communico's training consultant, Grace Dennison, who led the certification process of the trainers over the past few years, was also honored.

UNUM's MAGIC trainers volunteer their time to deliver MAGIC programs in addition to their other job requirements. Many of them worked evenings and weekends to learn to lead the course. Because they recognized the benefits to them personally, to their department/division and to the company as a whole, they requested to be a part of the MAGIC initiative. It is clear that the contribution of these individuals has made a significant impact. Not only is MAGIC modeled throughout the culture, but customers are noticing the difference. In the most recent customer survey, UNUM's Service Center achieved the highest courtesy rating ever - over 98%!

Plans are already in place to continue the momentum. The trainers meet quarterly to discuss new learnings and stay connected. They have also established an e-mail distribution list to share "good news," facilitation tips and organizational issues that impact MAGIC.

Through this new communication system, they will continue their own personal development as they meet and exceed customer needs. Now that's MAGIC!
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