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Leaders in Service Culture Change, Employee Engagement Training and Development

To deliver consistently great customer experiences and stand out in the global market, you need to develop a true service culture where:
  • Customers want to do business with you, and
  • Employees are engaged and want to contribute
Communico is committed to helping organizations create this type of culture—one that engages employees and sustains results. President Tom Larkin and Senior Vice President Diane Berenbaum literally wrote the book on the subject - How to Talk to Customers: Create a Great Impression Every Time with MAGIC®, published by Jossey Bass.

At the heart of our commitment is the MAGIC System. MAGIC, which stands for Make A Great Impression on the CustomerTM, is an integrated system of assessment, training and consulting that ensures consistently exceptional service—to internal and external customers.

Whether you want to:
  • Improve the skills of your service and sales staff, on the phone or in the field
  • Develop and reinforce service standards
  • Create meaningful and memorable customer experiences  
  • Implement a culture change
Communico can help.
To learn more about the book, How to Talk to Customers: Create a Great Impression Every Time with MAGIC, and/or to download a chapter, click here.
Before and After
Before and After
Just one "tragic" contact can influence your customers' perception of your company (and their buying decisions). Listen to the difference MAGIC® can make.