Brian Cole Miller Brian Cole Miller
Senior Consultant

Experience and Education:
  • BA, Economics, Brigham Young University
  • MBA, Human Resources, California State University.
Author of bestseller Quick Team-building Activities for Busy Managers and Nice Teams Finish Last.

Personal Trajectory:
When I was young, my dad came home regularly from work announcing how many days till he could retire.  I vowed then to NEVER work just for money, but rather to do what I love.  I have found that I absolutely love to help others grow.  I've been doing it for many, many years.  And I plan to continue until they MAKE me retire.  Do what you love, the rest falls into place comfortably.

I tell it like it is (ok, yes, some would put that in my "vices" category); I'm a great "coach" (meaning I help others bring out the best in themselves - I don't tell them what, when, or how to do something); I'm good at sorting through the clutter to get to the heart of things/priorities; I have a quick sense of humor; and I live life (and do work!) with great passion and gusto! :)

Ugh, too many to list, just ask my kids!  (or, you can just look at all of my "virtues" above...thinking I have so many is a vice, right?)

Favorite Projects:
Cooking/baking (homemade salsas, and anything with chocolate in it!) and tiling (bathrooms, kitchens, entry ways, and anywhere else I can stick it!).