Cheryl Kuhn Cheryl Kuhn
Senior Consultant

Worked for Marion Labs, aka Aventis Pharmaceuticals for 12 years. Sold drugs (the legal kind) in New Jersey and Philadelphia. I was a district manager and, later, a sales director for the Southeastern United States, responsible for 53 employees and 55 million in sales. Director of Training, UtiliCorp United, Kansas City, MO. Independent consultant since 1997.

Personal Trajectory:
Grew up in the midwest and New Jersey, heading back to the heartland as an adult. Brought my husband to Kansas City from Philadelphia. Worked in a busy, travel intensive corporate environment for years but love my latest independent work.

Always love my work, love to learn, like change, loyal friend.

Love naps, can be indecisive, find details tedious, enjoy shopping.

Favorite Project:
Raising my two perfect (they are obviously not teens yet) children.

Special Interest:
Love to read, moving from topic to topic and genre to genre in stages; enjoy hiking and skiing; work with disabled children and leadership development at my church.