Our People

Jansje Stramwasser Jansje Stramwasser
Training Consultant


Experience and Education:
I have over 20 years of training experience in high performance customer service , sales, cultural and diversity, and personal development plans for high tech and telco programs for Top 1000 International/European companies.

Over the years I have been certified in many different courses ranging from customer service to sales and management skills. As Master Trainer in all MAGIC courses I have implemented, coached, supervised and motivated MAGIC in the USA, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe and India allowing me to use my French, English, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Personal Trajectory:
My career has allowed me to do what I love best—meet different people around the world, try to understand their needs and cultures and through that to train and coach them. It has been and still is a wonderful and exciting path that motivates me every single time I am in front of a class.

I believe in the goodness of people, the great diversity that exists in this world, and building long lasting relationships with my family, friends and co-workers. Training MAGIC, meeting different people from different cultures and traveling will help me to reach my life's goal—to become wiser.

Since my stay and several trips to India I use cardamom and black pepper from Kerala/India on all my foods including scrambled eggs.

Favorite Project:
Meeting people from different continents and find out what their needs are so that I can integrate those into our MAGIC culture. Humor and laughs help me to get there.

Special Interests:
Developing myself by reading international authors, traveling to countries I haven't visited yet and listening to people tell stories.