Jeremiah Walsh Jerry Walsh
Senior Consultant

Over 20 years of experience in the field of corporate training and development with advanced degrees in the field of organizational behavior. I have been a director of training and organizational development at a Fortune 500 company, a subject matter expert in field of Accelerated Learning, and an OD consultant authoring studies in empowerment and self-managed work teams.

I have designed and conducted team building, goal setting, vision and mission development, problem solving, reorganization strategy, conflict resolution and numerous other behavioral processes. I truly enjoyed a role as adjunct lecturer at a nearby college where young minds became engaged in the excitement of principles of business and management skills.

Personal Trajectory:
I continue the daily search within for God's fulfillment in my life. Through the work of Communico, I seek the perfect learner that I know is in each person I encounter. Inspiring and encouraging that learner to the surface is the battery that keeps me going, and going, and going. The energy that is released is an elixir to me.      

A compassion for people coupled with a great sense of humor.  

Impatience – I cannot stay on a major road when there is a traffic tie up – I call myself the “king of the back roads.” I have a love for silly jokes and koosh balls.

Favorite Project:
Short term missions trips to third world countries – building a school in Tanzania, a police station in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, a dormitory in El Salvador, rebuilding a destroyed church in the Dominican Republic – bringing a word of hope and experiencing unconditional love.

Special Interests:
Traveling with my wife, Kathy. Every opportunity, whether getting away to a B&B on weekends, taking an afternoon drive, or standing at the top of the Alps in Switzerland – we just pack up and go on a moment's notice.