Thomas S. Larkin Tom Larkin
President & CEO

Experience and Education:
I have worked here 25 years and now I am the oldest member of the organization. And, I look it. I am a communications specialist with dozens of projects that I have loved working on. Contributing to the MAGIC® brand has been some of my most enjoyable work.

Co-author of How to Talk to Customers: Create a Great Impression Every Time with MAGIC.

My BA is in Communication Arts from Arizona State, and my MA is in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark. I am also on the faculty at Fairfield University in the Communications Department.

Personal Trajectory:
My past work with leadership teams includes employee engagement and customer service initiatives with Indianapolis Power and Light, Kellogg, Robert Bosch, Prudential, Siemens, Penguin Computing and JPMorgan Chase. I am hopeful my future path will be as rewarding. I truly enjoy bringing out the spirit in work.

I've been told by kids big and small that I am a good coach. I enjoy relating to people and building long term relationships. I am still in touch with several 25-year friends. Also, the support team here at Communcio is virtue-rich and I am fortunate to have them so close at hand. The Internal Services Group is making me look good all the time. My blessings are plentiful and include a great family and entertaining cat, Rambo.

Although chips, salsa and red wine may be vices, I consider them health foods and medicinal. Moderation in all things - even moderation.

Favorite Projects:
I enjoy meeting new prospects and working leaders of service cultures; collaborating with coworkers and innovators. I enjoyed being a moderator for the White House Conference on Small Business for the state of Connecticut. Motivational, inspirational, and measurable projects attract me. I enjoy this work.

Special Interests:
Family; sports; theater; the White Mountains in New Hampshire; Thomas Merton; Jackson Browne; Taylor Swift.