Customer Service Training


Communico doesn't believe in a one and done solution. We work closely with you to understand not only your business culture, but also your customer service culture, and what makes it unique. We use our passion for treating people with respect to create a custom-fit solution.

Measurable Results that Matter

Is your leadership team expecting measurable results? Can you quantify the impact of your current training? It's easy with MAGIC. Our proven tool, The 33 Points of MAGIC, measures the quality of customer contacts and gives you a snapshot of your culture.

Participants learn how to tap into their own abilities and communicate in a way that strengthens relationships. They also learn that certain specific behaviors impact customer perception. And, their perception has a direct impact on the customer experience. With MAGIC, their increased awareness and skillset will help them shift from delivering an indifferent impression to an exceptional one—and that means a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Screen-Shot-2018-04-24-at-10-09-45-AM.png"Our Human Resource Contact Line & Support Team's  improved skills and commitment to MAGIC excellence has created a culture that has garnered impressive results. The most recent Customer Service Survey rated the team's Staff Professionalism and Willingness to Research issues as highest in all categories"
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