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The Five Types of Boredom and Six Ways to Deal with Them
Seven Reasons to Embrace Impossible Thinking and Beautiful Questions
10 Ways to Manage Social Customer Service with MAGIC®
What's New at Communico?
Another Fun Reinforcement Puzzle - #18

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Letter from the Editor

As summer approaches and the weather shifts, we’ll see more light in the sky. But, do we see and appreciate the light in those around us? As poet, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross once wrote, “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.”

Do you let your own light shine? Are you shining your light on others? Diogenes, a Greek philosopher, used to stroll around during the day carrying a lamp. When someone asked him what he was doing, he’d reply, “I’m simply looking for a human being.”  By that he meant he was searching for the positivity in mankind.

According to Dr. Madelyn Mishkin Katz, “to bring light” is to:
  • Create a possibility; to envision something new and unique.  

  • Lighten a difficult circumstance; alleviating what otherwise would have been viewed as a probable failure.

  • Guide a young person who needs mentoring, a leader who can inspire her to reach beyond what she always thought she could do.

Do you see the “light of leadership” in others around you, no matter their age, position or appearance? Do your associates see and feel the light of leadership in you?

What can you do differently to bring out the light in others; whether they are co-workers, neighbors, friends, relatives, or people you’ve just met? What could happen if you do? You may not even realize the impact you can make.  

So go ahead, speak openly from your heart, share your gifts, make time for others and what you love to do; as opposed to what you “should” do. You are full of light, so let it shine. The world deserves to see it.

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."
—    Albert Schweitzer

“Ultimately there is light and love and intelligence in this universe. And we are it; we carry that within us.”
 — Tenzin Palmo, author
The Five Types of Boredom and Six Ways to Deal with Them
There’s been very little research on boredom. But, a recent study by the University of Konstanz in Germany revealed five distinct types. 

Read on to discover the variations and how to manage them.
Seven Reasons to Embrace Impossible Thinking and Beautiful Questions
Einstein said, “Question everything!” Deep, imaginative and “beautiful” questions help us identify issues and come up with game-changing ideas.

Read on to discover an array of beautiful questions and the power of impossible thinking.
10 Ways to Manage Social Media Customer Service with MAGIC
Social media has changed the nature of support. Today’s customers demand real-time responses and broadcast concerns to a multitude of followers.

Read on to learn ten ways to ensure your organization exceeds expectations in this growing medium.
What's New at Communico
We hope you have had an opportunity to cruise our new website. Our goal with the new site is to provide our visitors a faster and easier way to learn about our MAGIC®. You’ll also be able to access a wealth of customer service articles, case studies, testimonials and tips for creating an exceptional MAGIC Service Culture.
We worked hard to make sure the new website contains valuable information that will assist with all your customer experience needs.
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Reinforcement Puzzle #18
Try your hand at Word Scrambles, Crossword Puzzles, Logic Games and more. Use them to support your training, stimulate thinking and reinforce MAGIC principles. Fill them out on your own, or use them for a lively team challenge.

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