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The Rising Tide of Customer Emotion: 10 Strategies for Creating a Caring and Accountable Culture
Customer emotions are rising. All company representatives need to have the mindset and ability to engage with customer emotion. Companies that nurture and sustain a culture of caring accountability are well-equipped to respond to the rising tide of customer emotion and reap the many long-term benefits of doing so.
Delivering an Exceptional IT Support Experience: Eight Key Factors for Success
Exceptional support. As our economy shifts, it's not just about the IT solution. Ask any customer about his satisfaction with IT, and s/he is just as likely to talk about the IT associate as s/he is to talk about the IT solution. It’s clear that the human component is a critical part of the new prescription for an exceptional support experience.
Inspire MAGIC Employee Engagement: Three Strategies for Success
To create emotionally-engaged employees, we need to understand the conditions that engage the mind, heart and spirit. Their level of engagement begins with you and thrives on three key elements. Where are your opportunities to nurture deeper levels of engagement and contribution?
Five Strategies to Shift from Customer Satisfaction to Engagement
Customers no longer accept a framework of relationship and engagement that is defined by the companies they do business with. Instead, in the true spirit of partnership, they are telling us not only what they want, but when and how they want it.
Four Stages in Building and Sustaining a Service Culture
A service culture is a community of leaders at all levels who embrace a service mindset and build relationships with customers and employees. Yet, disengagement statistics are deeply discouraging. Gallup estimates that disengagement costs the U.S. nearly $550 billion in lost productivity each year. Implement these four stages to ensure employees demonstrate the mindset and skills needed for exceptional service.
Reducing Turnover: Five Pitfalls That Prevent Success
In today's fast-paced, changing work environment, attrition rates are high, especially in a customer contact center. Phones ring constantly and emails/chats abound as customers seek answers about products or services. This environment is usually focused on quantity and speed. It's not surprising that employee retention is an ongoing challenge.
The Keys to Effective Email Communication Infographic
This infographic highlights startling email statistics and three key issues to avoid. It also reveals nine guidelines for writing clear, customer-focused messages and making a great impression on your readers every time.
Employee Engagement Infographic
This infographic provides research as well as action items on which to focus. It is also great for training sessions and team meetings.
Customer Service Journey Illustration
Consider starting your next team meeting with an employee engagement activity around your service culture. This illustration is a great way to start the conversation.
Journey of the MAGIC Hero-Coach Engage-a-Graphic
This infographic highlights the Coach Journey, which is one of change and conscious development. It highlights seven key steps, which also serve as discussion points for learning and discovery.
The Measure of a Service Culture Engage-a-Graphic
This engage-a-graphic reviews three measures of a service culture’s success. It also highlights the value of developing and using a Standard to measure your service culture.
Before and After
Before and After
Just one "tragic" contact can influence your customers' perception of your company (and their buying decisions). Listen to the difference MAGIC® can make.