Stage 4 - Reinforcement

Through your Assessment and Alignment processes you have begun to create the ideal climate for enhancing service excellence. Now, surround your people with a culture that reinforces MAGIC® and assures that the skills and attitudes they have learned will be sustained. Communico can work with you to answer the following questions to help you sustain a MAGIC Service Culture.


  • What reward and recognition systems will you provide? 

  • How will you ensure that you are rewarding the right behaviors and attitudes?

  • How will you measure your service standard levels?


  • How will leaders at all levels communicate their appreciation of employees, independent of their performance?


  • How will you coach to your service standards?

  • How will you ensure that the coaching is developmentally focused versus evaluative or punitive? 

  • Will you offer the MAGIC Coach Program to develop your coaches?

  • Will you offer quality assessment calibration sessions to your coaches?


Systemic Improvements

  • How will you continually adjust and align your departments' systems and processes with your service vision, values, and standards?

  • How will inter-departmental barriers to exceptional service be addressed?

Training Programs


  • When will you formally reassess the service culture to check progress and make adjustments?


Each of the four stages of a MAGIC Service Culture Initiative is integral to sustaining a culture of exceptional service.  We recognize that each organization is at a different point in their development.  We would be happy to partner with you to design an intervention that would address your specific goals and objectives.

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Before and After
Before and After
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