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MAGIC® Helps Turn Customers into Raving Fans

Sometimes, it takes a little MAGIC® to turn a customer into a Raving Fan.

That's why more than 50 people have attended four pilot MAGIC classes and why every associate in the company soon will attend a MAGIC workshop.

No, you won't have to wear a cape or carry a wand. You will learn techniques for controlling conversations with internal and external customers, even if the conversation starts out a little heated. In fact, Shane Kadrlik, director of warranty for the Minnesota Division of Town and County Homes, says he's been getting thank yous at the end of conversations where he never expected a thank you.

"There's a little something for everyone in this," said Shane, who's been doing customer service for several years. He liked the real world scenarios acted in small groups during the MAGIC workshops. "It allows us to be aware of how we're communicating."

MAGIC, which stands for Make A Great Impression on Customers, offers 33 points developed after a lot of research. The points are reviewed during a two-day workshop that includes discussion, demonstrations, and role-playing.

K. Hovnanian joins other major corporations, such as Cendant/Coldwell Banker, Wyndham Vacation Ownership, CitiMortgage, Pulte and many others, in using the tool to foster a customer-service culture that will help them create Raving Fans. It also creates a common language and methodology for dealing with internal and external customers, which makes it easier to involve other departments. No matter how many years an associate has been dealing with customers, he or she is sure to find something of value here.

"It was very enlightening," said Division President Barry Edelman. "I found myself immediately incorporating the elements of MAGIC into my daily interaction with internal and external customers."

Like Barry and Shane, Jerry Pol, director of construction for K. Hovnanian in Ohio, has been doing customer service for years. He says, though, that MAGIC has increased his awareness of how he's dealing with customers and has given him some new tools. For instance, he recently was able to end a conversation with an agreement with the customer about what would happen next. It enabled Jerry to get off the phone and start trying to deal with the issue.

"There are certain aspects we've been doing," he said. "But there are other aspects that take you further. It'll help me on-the-job because it allows me to better understand the customer's perspective."
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