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Increases Sales and Client Loyalty with MAGIC®

  Presentation Systems is a dealer of Varitronics products such as printing systems, laminators and paper. The company takes great pride in its excellent service and customer satisfaction. Headquartered in Midland Park, NJ, the 15-year-old business counts on education clients for more than 75 percent of its sales.

As a top Varitronics dealer, Presentation Systems thrived for years but never developed a long-range plan for cultivating relationships with customers. Sales representatives had to reintroduce themselves to former clients when new products debuted and were not attuned to the particular needs and resources of that particular client.

“My attitude had always been, let's just work on getting new customers and everything else should take care of itself,” said Jack Egan, president of Presentation Systems. “Our clients liked doing business with us but we weren't doing a great job of staying connected and finding out more about them.” Egan saw an opportunity to instill a relationship focus and generate more robust sales through investing in The MAGIC of Relationship Selling from Communico Ltd.

Major improvements have been seen in three key areas: 

  1. Sales Reps are Now Client Partners
    Through The MAGIC of Relationship Selling program, Presentation Systems' sales representatives learned to ask questions to draw out customer needs and listen carefully for opportunities to suggest additional products or supplies that fit their needs. Egan said the two-day training program introduced new skills to even his most experienced sales representatives. MAGIC training emphasized the idea that sales representatives are client partners who add value by listening and helping with problem solving. Those skills lay the foundation for long-term profitability, which stems from lasting collaborative relationships.

  2. Average Solution Set Value Increases as More Needs are Uncovered
    After completing the training and going back into the field, both veteran and newer employees reported feeling more comfortable during sales meetings. “They're now coming in and offering to give customers ideas rather than just sell them products,” Egan said. Insight and ideas through listening add value—more value than just “pitching products”— to the relationship.

    The result has been a 15 to 20 percent increase in the average value of their deals as the sales force has become more attuned to customer needs. They are also noticing fewer objections on price. “We're building more products into our proposals than before and the reason is that we're uncovering more needs than before,” he said.

  3. New Perspective Improves Margins and Outlook for the Future
    Egan is especially optimistic about the future because margins are improving. He said the MAGIC program stands out from other training programs because it helped Presentation Systems adopt a “let's solve this problem together” mentality rather than “here's what I want to sell you.” This new perspective smoothed the sales process and refocused the company on developing deeper customer relationships.

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