Our clients say it best ...

"The benefits of MAGIC are clear: Associates feel a greater sense of accomplishment and confidence; The associates feel a sense of pride because leadership is aware of their accomplishments; Everyone in the organization is learning and growing.”
The Beltmann Group
"It is always interesting when you tell people MAGIC is unlike any soft skills training you attend. Once we really converse about this subject, you see people's faces light up and their attitudes change about themselves, their surroundings and the real control they have."
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City
"MAGIC produced real tangible results and has transformed the way we deal with one another. It now embodies who we are. It enabled us to produce unprecedented award-winning results in our industry" (Rated top in the nation and highest net satisfaction score for two straight years and won the most prestigious Cartus award, the Master's Cup for extraordinary performance.)"
Budd Van Lines
"Cartus realized a 12% improvement in teamwork and partnering as a result of MAGIC."
"We feel there is nothing more important than our community. Participants learned how to get to the heart of developmental issues and conduct more effective feedback sessions so that associates take ownership of their own solutions."
Community Health Group CEO
"Every time Brian or I lead a MAGIC® class, we write down things that participants say during training so that we can share those quotes with Management. Here's one: 'I don't think we realize the effect we have on each other. Our attitudes and outlook leaks onto our peers. People on my team have seen a change in me.'"
First American
"Thank you for sharing MAGIC with me. You have no idea how much of a difference this has made for me at First American and personally. I now have a completely different attitude."
First American
"There was also quick recognition that change was happening. The internal climate was improving as a result of MAGIC®—associates in both locations were treating each other differently and noticing the shift."
H. M. Royal
"For some individuals, the experience was transformative. Certain people in the office tended to be distant or stand-offish in the past. Not anymore. Some are now the most prominent MAGIC leaders in the organization."
H. M. Royal
"This class showed us that there are always ways to improve our methods. This course makes you very aware of your own actions and behaviors, and that we choose our consequences by deciding how we respond…Thank you and senior management for implementing this initiative."
K. Hovnanian Mortgage
"The positive change has been systemic and significant. Once areas of improvement are identified, through MAGIC we can now provide our Happiness Managers the tools and training necessary to modify their approach to give them a better chance to have a positive impact. As a result, our team feels empowered with the ability to turn challenging interactions around."
"Our Human Resource Contact Line & Support Team team's improved skills and commitment to MAGIC excellence has created a culture that has garnered impressive results. The most recent Customer Service Survey rated the team's Staff Professionalism and Willingness to Research Issues as highest in all categories."
Swiss Re
"MAGIC also amplified the positivity and desire to assist others; core values of Wheaton's culture. Wheaton has a new atmosphere … and it's contagious."
Wheaton World Wide Moving
"Since implementing MAGIC, we have seen quality improve and the time it takes to assist customers decrease since our associates now know how to build rapport and put the customer at ease."
Affinion Group
"We are proud to announce that we won two prestigious ContactCenterWorld awards in 2103: The Gold Medal for Customer Service (Internal Large Contact Center) and the Gold Medal for Customer Service Supervisor. We attribute our success to our MAGIC training and culture."
Affinion Group
"It's clear that the MAGIC training has made a lasting impact. Teaching our associates the difference between good or indifferent customer service and great MAGIC service has changed the way they approach their service calls. We have seen customer service scores increase as much as 20%!"
American Modern Insurance Group
"MAGIC produced real tangible results and has transformed the way we deal with one another. It now embodies who we are. It enabled us to produce unprecedented award-winning results in our industry" (Rated top in the nation and highest net satisfaction score for two straight years and won the most prestigious Cartus award, the Master's Cup for extraordinary performance.)
Budd Van Lines
"Since our first MAGIC session, our customer satisfaction has increased ten percentage points. In addition, the number of customer e-mails praising individual engineers continues to increase and the engineers feel better prepared to handle difficult situations."
EMC Corporation
"MAGIC has given us a way to create a service culture that brings customers back to do business with us over and over again. It's part of who we are!"
"I have been involved with Communico for over five years now and continue to be truly dazzled by your service. You earn your place as the 'Rolls Royce of Customer Service Training'!"
First American
"MAGIC has made a significant difference for us. Before our support team started the training, we only heard from our customers when they were angry. Now, we get letters on a daily basis thanking us for the level of service we provide."
"We are committed to M.A.G.I.C. at NY Life Individual Policy Services. Every associate in Service Operations goes through the training to be sure we create a consistently positive impression in every contact. Everyone loves MAGIC and sees how it can help them personally and professionally. I am confident that MAGIC is a big differentiator for NY Life."
New York Life Insurance
"Absolutely fabulous! I learned so much from this course. It will help better myself and my job. Anyone who is in contact with other people would benefit from this course."
"The MAGIC Email training had a huge impact. It got everybody to be concise and to the point. Our employees are writing faster and their e-mails are clearer and more polished."
Budd Van Lines
"I contracted Communico to support an organization-wide communication-improvement initiative. Leaders aimed to bolster customer intimacy through a cultural shift based on clear communication. Cytec associates saw positive results immediately after applying its easy-to-use tools.
Cytec Industries
"The writing class was not only enlightening but very beneficial. I have increased my efficiency and have seen an ‘improved response time from my readers."
The benefits of MAGIC continue: “Associates increase their understanding of the specificity of MAGIC well as how it relates to their world. This ensures they are able to recognize the behavior when it is demonstrated by others, and model it themselves. Everyone feels heard since they have a confidential resource for support."
The Beltmann Group
"It absolutely transformed the way I communicate with other people, both in my professional life and in my personal life."
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City
“Many commented that the skills learned and practiced in the 'coaching laboratories' could be applied to every business relationship. We find the results of the Coach training invaluable to the future success of the company."
Community Health Group
“Communication measurably improved across the organization within months of the program's roll out."
Cytec Industries