Effective Presentation Skills


Presentations to internal or external customers are not just an opportunity to deliver information. They’re a chance to motivate your audience, achieve desired results and build relationships. Take your public speaking to the next level to ensure success.

Course Objective

This highly tailored session will show you how to present with impact, clarity and credibility – even in challenging situations.

Course Content

The course identifies the specific communication skills and tools needed to give powerful, persuasive presentations, so you Make A Great Impression on every Customer™.

Presentations are videotaped so participants see how others view them and observe their own strengths. The facilitator gives individualized constructive feedback and group discussion provides further insights.

Participants practice and revise presentations so they see immediate improvement.

Managing Perception:
  • Connect with your audience and focus on:
    • Appearance, movement and posture
    • Eye contact, hands and gestures
    • Voice volume, pitch and emphasis
  • Tap into the strengths of your own communication style
  • Tailor a presentation to customer needs and objectives
  • Use an efficient and effective preparation process
  • Grab the audience’s attention with your introduction
  • Use the right flow for results-oriented presentations
  • Close with impact
Audience Interaction:
  • Use visuals/handouts effectively to enhance your message
  • Overcome objections and master Q&A sessions
  • Persuade with benefits

What this means to you

  • Positive reaction from the audience
  • Less nervousness and greater confidence
  • Stronger relationships with customers


The course is usually run over one to two days, depending on the nature of the presentations and group size.

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Before and After
Before and After
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