Leadership Standard


Education in leadership competencies is essential when developing a high performance culture. The Leadership Standard™ is a research-based tool that provides specific direction to improve your leadership skills.

Course Objective

The process begins by gaining a clear picture of where you stand in relation to proven leadership competencies. Next, you identify what kind of leader you want to be, and what kind of a leader your organization needs you to be. Lastly, you build a leadership development plan with concrete, scheduled activities that will help you get to the level of leadership skills desired.

Training Method

The leader’s developmental process:

1.  Leader responds in writing to a leadership case study, relevant to your organization.

2.  Leader is interviewed and responds to The Leadership Standard Survey (based on the leadership competencies).

3.  Leader distributes The Leadership Standard Survey to immediate supervisor, peers, and direct reports for rating and comments.

4.  Communico analyzes the response to the case study, compiles the survey data and written comments, and provides a report for the leader.

5.  Communico meets with the leader to deliver feedback and review the report.

6.  The leader:
  • Analyzes the feedback and creates a personal leadership vision
  • Clarifies the kind of leader the organization needs him/her to be
  • Begins action planning
  • Selects an ongoing leadership development coach

7.  Communico, the leader and the leader's development coach meet to review analysis and finalize a concrete, measurable leadership development plan.


Customized for each client, depending on goals and/or needs, progress made, and time between sessions.
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