Leading with Mastery



Why would anyone choose to follow you? In Leading With Mastery, participants explore this question and learn to lead in a way that others would willingly follow you.

World-class leaders begin with a vision for themselves and the kind of leaders they want to be. They know how to establish purpose and direction — for themselves and others. And they communicate in a way that inspires people to commit to the organization's objectives.

Many managers have not developed themselves as leaders. In their efforts to improve productivity, they focus solely on tasks and overlook the need to build a foundation of trust with associates.

Course Objective

To help you think, act and lead in a way that releases the potential in yourself and others.

Course Content

You will learn how to:
  • Build a vision for yourself and who you want to be
  • Establish purpose for yourself and for others
  • Create and deliver inspiring communications
  • Focus on where you can control, and where you can influence, improved performance and success

What this means to you

This course is built around a set of research-based leadership competencies. The primary focus is on those competencies that have the greatest impact on the leader's personal and interpersonal development. Leaders learn to focus on what they can control and influence to bring about improved performance of themselves, associates and teams.

The course is most effective when it is aligned with the vision and strategies of the organization, and when the internal systems and processes encourage world-class leadership.

Training Method

Each program is tailored to the context of the organization and the specific needs of the audience. The course is highly interactive and practical. Participants create a personal leadership vision and develop an action plan based on the kind of leaders they want to become and the kind of leaders the organization needs them to be.


The course is run over four days. It can be broken into two two-day sessions with a week or two in between. There is a maximum of eight managers per class.

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Before and After
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