MAGIC® for Face-to-Face Interactions


Building relationships with customers has become increasingly more critical in today's service-oriented environment. This program focuses on associates who have face-to-face customer interactions. Our training shows employees how to manage customer relationships more successfully and Make A Great Impression on the Customer™ in every face-to-face contact.

We specialize in providing training to associates who have face-to-face sales and customer service conversations in the following industries:
  • Financial Services (banking and mortgage)
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Technology Services
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • Field Services
  • Real Estate
  • Grocery
  • Restaurants
  • Automotive

Course Objective

This training program is designed to develop your representatives' skills and attitude to provide exceptional service in each and every interaction.

What that means to you

As a result of MAGIC face-to-face service training, employees will:
  • Project a more professional image
  • Be better able to deal with different types of customers
  • Have greater confidence in their skills
This will, in turn, create a customer-driven climate that ensures stronger relationships, increased customer satisfaction.

In addition to training programs, we offer reinforcement resources and tools, such as MAGIC Workouts to support representatives in demonstrating and sustaining exceptional service.

Course Outcomes

Here is an example of how we have improved face-to-face customer service interactions for our clients:
"After going through MAGIC as a participant and a facilitator, I know now what great customer service looks like and sounds like. I can pass this on to my participants and help build a culture around a program I honestly believe in. Also, it's not just information that can be applied to work, but also to personal life and experiences."
- Wyndham Vacation Ownership, MAGIC Participant and Facilitator


Course is one to two days in length and can be adjusted to fit client needs

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Before and After
Before and After
Just one "tragic" contact can influence your customers' perception of your company (and their buying decisions). Listen to the difference MAGIC® can make.