Write to the Point



The problem of long-winded and overly complicated writing continues to drain productivity. Few people stop to think about the cost of time wasted reading material that is unclear or confusing.

Course Objective

Develop clear, concise writing that gets results.

Course Content

Business writing techniques are presented in four phases:

  • Hit the target and focus on the audience/reader
  • Clarify the purpose for writing
  • Learn guidelines for words, length and content of sentences
  • Use the “Clarity Index” to check readability
  • Get started with The Neuro-Note System
  • Choose the right structure: Factual or Narrative
  • Learn to prepare the 60-Second Summary
  • Create successful sales letters and proposals
  • Avoid the top netiquette mistakes and write more effective emails
  • Improve the look of your writing
  • Use headings and visuals for impact

What this means to you

  • Write more clearly and concisely—so your writing hits the target every time

  • Write faster—so you don’t suffer from writer’s block

  • Grab and keep the reader’s attention—so you present a consistently positive impression

Training Method

Prior to the project, we ask participants to send us representative writing samples (e.g., letter, email, report, proposal). We then prepare tailored rewrites that illustrate the impact of our approach and use these samples for in-class exercises and discussion.


The course is run over one or two days, based on client needs. A virtual delivery can also be arranged.

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Before and After
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